Fixed layout

We build e-books with a fixed layout, which is ideal for children’s books, cookbooks, textbooks and beyond. In short, wherever the layout is important for the reading experience. Our speciality is books adapted for the iPad and iPhone. Such books can contain audio, video, animations, and be interactive for the reader. 

Flowable layout

We can also help you build the traditional e-books with reflowable layout, with or without illustrations. These can be made available for both iOS devices (Apple’s gadgets) and a wide range of other devices and platforms.


Do you have an older book that is only available in printed form, but would like to publish it digitally? No problem! We will arrange the digitization of both text and images.

Textbooks for more platforms

If you want to publish layout-heavy textbooks electronically, we primarily offer the fixed layout that works on Apple’s platform, i. e. iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. However, we can also choose solutions to your requirements that enable reading on a computer screen or Kindle devices.

Issue your own books

Are you a writer that wants to publish your book digitally? We can help you with digitizing, design and distribution, to the extent you wish. We will produce the e-book, ready to be published on the markets you choose, for example iBookstore or Amazon.


We have professional layout skills, and you can choose how involved you want to be in the design and layout of your books. Keep in mind that different types of designs can limit which channels the books can be distributed to.

More opportunities

Do you have requirements that do not fit into the above services? We are open to finding new solutions. Do you want to issue digital manuals? Experiment with more opportunities for interactivity? Get help with recording audio to your books? Explore more platforms? We keep up to date with the evolving e-book market and are happy to discuss how we can meet your wishes in the best way possible.

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