Book Formats

More about our file formats

Flowable books

Our fiction books are mostly in the reflowable ePub format, with dynamic layout. It is readable on almost all devices, including iOS, Android, and dedicated e-readers. The books are distributed through the markets you choose, such as iBookstore and Amazon. If you want to read them on a computer, you can also use Adobe Digital Editions or plugins for the Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Fixed layout, with enhancements

For the books that require a little more design, we build the “fixed layout” ePub format, best suited for Apple’s iBooks (but also some other apps for Windows and Mac). For example, all these books can be distributed through the iBookstore and can easily be read on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The Multi-Touch is also a very adaptable format option that is directed solely to Apple platforms.

Interactivity and multimedia such as audio, video, graphic animations, and some scripts can be used to a greater or lesser extent in different books (even some reflowable ones). Generally speaking, the fewer platforms you need support for, the greater the opportunity for interactivity.

We can also adapt your fixed layout books to Kindle Fire, but this platform does not yet support multimedia, animations and interactivity. In addition to this, Google and Android is not very ”in” on the enhanced e-book market yet, but we are still hoping this will change in the future.

Formats we support include:

– Flowable ePub (ePub2, ePub3)
– Fixed Layout ePub (ePub3)
– Apple Multi-touch (ibooks)
– Amazon fixed layout (KF8/MOBI)
– Amazon flowable (AZW/MOBI)