About Us

Who are we?

We are a small company that produce e-books, all the way from the original script, through layout and proofing, to publishing and distribution. The focus is on the coding process and making sure the written material is well-adapted to the screen. We work with big publishing houses as well as small companies or freelancers.

Why do we exist?

Because we think that e-books need a facelift. Particularly in our own small and cautiously technique-adapting country, but also in an international aspect. We started a ”digital bookbinding service” for making e-books that are interesting, relevant and beautiful. Far more titles, in a wider rage of genres, should be made available as e-books.

Why e-books?

Many fantastic books are hard to come by. Books that stopped being printed many years ago and at best can be found tucked away in a library magazine. Among these forgotten books are gems that we want more people to be able to read, but reprint entails substantial costs for both the publishers and the reader. Why not publish the books as e-books? This makes them easier to find, and they don’t take up any space in your bookshelf at home.

What can we do for you?

We work with all kinds of books, from raw material to books already in print. No matter what you want to publish, we are sure we can find a solution that works for you. We will transform your written material to full-fledged, stylistically pure e-books, ready to be published. It can be simple texts meant to flow quick and flexible across the screen, as well as colorful and vibrant children’s books, or layout-heavy non-fiction books, with sounds or moving images. We continuously coordinate the work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want.

What will you get?

There are many conversion services for e-books that are free of charge, but there is always a risk that the result is unflattering and hardly readable. Imagine reading a newspaper that only consists of a single long column of plain text, without layout, images, or page adaptation. Many e-books today are just that. They consist of text that flows randomly across the screen and has very little to offer in terms of reading experience and design. Therefore, we choose to take control over our books, so that the text and pictures end up where they look the best. It increases the feeling that you are reading a real book, even if you are only holding an e-reader, tablet or smartphone in your hands.

Can you read it?

The format of the longer, traditional books is ePub, which can be read on virtually any e-reader, phone or tablet. Our more designed-focused books, such as textbooks and children’s books, work best on iPad and iPhone. We are open to produce any format you request. Learn more here.

But who are we?

Agnes Leijon

Agnes Leijon is the operator of the company as well as the decision maker. She programs and builds e-books from scratch, keeps in touch with writers and comes up with exciting new ideas.

Emanuel Blume

Emanuel Blume takes care of texts, layout, proofing and everything related to copywriting. He is also the one who manages sound production.

Sven Axelsson

Sven Axelsson comes to the rescue when dealing with more advanced programming, quality assurance and web design.

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